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Stacey Powells


Stacey Powells and FamilyStacey Powells had been a weekly newspaper columnist since 1996 ranting about the ups and downs of exhausted parenting and has turned to blogging which covers everything from "life the second time around," balancing work, raising kids, dealing with cancer and the subsequent bankruptcy, traveling when possible, falling in love for the last time and becoming Grandma Lolly. She also writes about the peaks and valleys women go through at different stages during their lives which can be found on her new MENOBLOG at www.mymenoblog.blogspot.com.

Her "Exhausted Parent/Family Life" column was published weekly in THE MAMMOTH TIMES and THE SIGNAL NEWSPAPER and as appeared regularly in THE REVIEW HERALD. She has been published in the SANTA CLARITA VALLEY LIVING MAGAZINE, MAMMOTH SIERRA MAGAZINE and was the co-sister of the popular advice column, "Dear Sisters" published in Santa Clarita's THIS WEEK.
She was a full-time staff write for The Mammoth Times until economics prevailed and is re-organizing her www.exhaustedparent.com website with webmaster and exhausted father-of-four, Jason Brown.

She has finished her fourth feature length film with co-writer Griff Lambert and is putting together the finishing touches on her novel, "Empty Cupboards" about a 40-something woman who has a breakdown then goes back through her life trying to figure out where the fracturing of her life began.

In addition to being the morning drive-time Voice Talent and News Director for KMMT/ KRHV Radio in Mammoth Lakes, California, where her shows are streamlined around the globe, she is the host of "Community Corner" on KMMT Wednesday mornings, regularly interviews authors and heads of companies on various topics and her own radio show "The Exhausted Parent Network" can be heard Thursday nights @ 7pm PST on KMMT.

"Ranting's of an Exhausted Parent" which include some of her favorite columns over the years will be out soon and with several other literary and production projects (film, television, books) in the fire she often refers to "TIME" as, "…that four-letter word."