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The Exhausted Parent Network (EPN) first stepped through the door when VEGAS BUZZ Radio syndicated the show back in 2003. An offshoot from the "Exhausted Parent and Family Life" columns of Stacey Powells, the EPN was created when Powells' bought a mixer and a microphone and interviewed people all over the place, creating topics based on the experience of her friends and family. VEGAS BUZZ eventually went belly up and Powells' continued to look for a home for her EPN radio show.

Fast forward to October, 2004 when Powells was hired on as the morning drive-time voice talent for the new classic rock station in the Eastern Sierra, KRHV Radio. Expanding to both KRHV and KMMT, Powells approached the GM of the stations in 2007 about re-creating "The Exhausted Parent Network" radio show and was granted a night on a trial basis. The show was launched in July, 2007 on KMMT Radio.

Over three years later and with a list of listeners spanning the globe, "The Exhausted Parent Network" continues to tackle both amusing and serious topics that have anything and everything to do with what it's like to raise another human (and have them raise us as well) into this mad, mad world.

Whether you've never been (and don't want to be a parent), are surrounded by parents, know a parent or wonder how you got to be a parent in the first place, "The Exhausted Parent Network" Radio Show has something for everyone. With topics ranging from domestic violence, bullying, past lives, religion, raising a gay child, empty nest syndrome, step-families, alcohol and drug abuse, the human sex trade, finances and illness, no subject is out of bounds for Stacey Powells and her "Exhausted Parent Network" Radio Show which airs live Thursday nights from 7-8 pm PST on KMMT Radio.

"The small town radio station with national appeal."