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What is




  • One who can’t sleep because of the constant worrying about the kids
  • One who tries to balance their home life, work life, family life and personal life with little or no success…unless they have help from their network.
  • One who reaches their endzone several times a week
  • One who doesn’t have time to eat real food and therefore is not supplying their parental body with the correct nutrients needed for the energy it takes to be a parent.
  • One who is challenged constantly and thoroughly, seemingly by anyone and everyone.
  • One who is at odds with the other parent, family member, teacher or teenager.
  • One who struggles constantly to pay the bills or to put food on the table.
  • One who questions if whether or not they are being a good parent or not.
  • A parent who does everything ‘right’ and their kids still make stupid choices, even though they were brought up to know right from wrong.
  • One who helps a child or other family member through a devastating illness or worse…
  • A parent who tries to teach their child to look past all the bad in the world so that the child may grow up to be a compassionate, intelligent and talented adult.
  • One who is afraid to ask for help.